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[Name]: Haruno Sakura
[Canon]: Naruto Manga
[Age]: 17
[Gender]: F

[History]: Wiki Entry

[Personality]: Sakura is bold, temperamental, critical, violent, and merciless. Which is strange because she is also delicate, level-headed, kind, gentle, and a care-taker. She has a heart of a woman -- or as said by Kishimoto. She's a complex character who started out bland and has since turned out to be one of the strongest characters in the manga as a heroine. It seems like she's a person who has contradictory traits but when you think of her occupation as a ninja and a healer, things just sort of fall into place.

If there's one trait that has obviously stuck with Sakura since she was first introduced it's that she has a horrible temper. Something that really pisses her off is if you're a pervert, even though she's a closet pervert herself. Konohamaru's jutsu (two naked males on top of each other) made her squeal even though she tried to deny it after the fact. If you insult her friends or people she cares about, then that temper will usually flair up and in a much more serious manner. These outbursts most often lead to violence in the form of (but not limited to): punching, shouting, headbutts, slapping, punching, more punching. A battle cry of "shannaro" usually accompanies these acts even though the word itself has no concrete meaning other than being very aggressive and forceful. There's more info about it here.

To those she doesn't know too well, she tries to remain a little more restrained and hides her true feelings behind a mask or smile. Most of the time, Sakura is well-mannered and calm. She is a kind, optimistic girl who tries to find reasons to smile even in dire situations. Her favorite foods are sweet things like anmitsu and syrup covered anko dumplings but she dislikes spicy food. Her favorite word is "courage". Even though she's not as sociable as her best friend, Yamanaka Ino, she is still one of the most friendly in her peer group. Sometimes she even goes out of her way to help others in need. During a village attack, Sakura stops to help a little girl before she heads to the hospital.

As mentioned before though, Sakura is a complex character. She might go out of her way to heal a scraped knee, but she has no issue with using whatever means necessary to do what she needs to do and get a job done, especially if she feels if it's her responsibility. She's merciless when she's out on the battlefield and does not pull her punches when faced with an enemy. If her mind is set on something, she gets it done. She hates to lose and she never gives up. Her job as a medic and a ninja is something she takes seriously.

Sakura has both brains and brawn at her disposal. If brute strength can't accomplish what she needs then her intelligence can. She's able to look at difficult problems and solve them fairly quickly without cheating. When others can't make sense of what's going on, she's usually the first to catch on or at least make a suggestion. Sakura was one of the first characters to make educated guesses (that were almost right) about an enemy, Tobi's, special ability. Her memory is near perfect; one of her hobbies is memorizing new material relating to medical science and doing trivia. Sakura is also able to trick and outsmart others with carefully devised plans. She was able to lure an enemy in for a kill by playing possum and struck when it was least expected. She's a quick-learner and her scholastic knowledge is rivaled by few. Her smarts aren't infalliable though. She is mostly book-smart. She can't come up with back up plans upon back up plans like her teammate, Naruto.

One of the biggest things that has changed about Sakura is her motivation. She started out as someone who only cared about her looks and wanted to impress a boy she really liked, Sasuke. When faced with her own short-comings in front of an enemy and thinking of how often she is the one who has to be protected even though she is a ninja, she decides that she wants to become strong and a protector. Everyone she's met in her life has, in some way, protected Sakura. Yamanaka Ino, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Hatake Kakashi, Rock Lee, and Tsunade are some of the people who have taken care of her and she wants to return the favor. She wants to be able to help others if and when they need it and to be able to fight for her village and friends.

Her teammates and friends are very important to her. With Naruto as someone who's been beside her since the beginning; Ino as her very first friend and rival; Sasuke as the boy she fell in love with; Kakashi as a sensei who taught her the value of comrades and being loyal to them; Rock Lee who protected her even if she wasn't on his team; and Tsunade who is her mentor and someone she looks up to. These are the people she fights for, along with fighting for her home.

And when her village was destroyed by Pein, Sakura cried out in despair. Sakura is very emotional. She cries when she's sad, she laughs or smiles when she's happy. Although she does try to hide a lot of her sadness and worries so others are not bothered with her burdens. There are times when she can't keep that mask up. One of her main fears is being useless or losing people important to her and she was unable to do anything. When she can't help others she can sometimes lose confidence in herself and her abilities. However, at the end of the day she doesn't think of herself as weak.

[Abilities / Strengths & Weaknesses]:


Chakra: It's needed for the most basic techniques like Transformation, Substitution, and Cloning. These are all techniques needed to start on the lower tier of being a shinobi -- a genin. Sakura has excellent control over chakra, to the point that it's basically her niche when it comes to standing out in Team 7. Her exceptional control made it relatively easy to learn medical ninjutsu and the ability to use her chakra to give herself super strength. She can destroy giant boulders with a punch and create severe blunt force trauma to her enemies. She can also use her chakra to walk on water, climb trees without her hands, and run at faster than normal speeds and jump really high.

The pinnacle of this ability is apparent in her Yin seal, which is only accomplished by having incredibly precise chakra control. Only one other person, the Fifth Hokage Tsunade, is able to have this seal. With it, Sakura has stored three years worth of chakra in her forehead.

Chakra is also used for the Summoning Jutsu by way of blood contract. Sakura's summoning animal is the same as Tsunade's, Katsuyu. Katsuyu is a HUGE (and I mean larger than a house) slug and she is used to perform remote healing. If Katsuyu is touching someone, Sakura does not need to be there physically to heal them. She can use her medical ninjutsu from a distance because her chakra is connected to Katsuyu. This makes it possible to heal multiple bodies at a time because Katsuyu can split up her body into hundreds or thousands of small replicas of herself.

Martial arts/Evasion: Sakura is a shinobi. As such she is physically fit, has quick reflexes, and is stealthy when she needs to be. She's been trained in hand-to-hand since she was young and has since mastered it after her time with Tsunade. Sakura has no problems fighting, or killing, when she absolutely has to. She is also a master at evasion and reading attack patterns after a short time. In her fight with Sasori, she could predict where the attack was going to come from after a short while. Not only is she physically capable but she is psychologically good at evasion too with lies and deception. Even if someone does manage to land a hit, the grueling training she went through with Tsunade to become a more than capable fighter has made her resilient. She can take hits and still stand because of her extraordinary willpower and toughness.

Intelligence: Sakura is very logical and studious. When Tsunade took her on as a student, she was impressed with Sakura's ability to pick up medical ninjutsu so easily -- something she hadn't seen from anybody since Shizune, her other disciple.

She can think logically even when in a panic. When Sasuke was injured, she knew she needed to take him to Kakashi or someone that could help him. In her fight with Sasori, a member of Akatsuki, she knew to make sure he did not get a scratch on her with his poison and thought ahead to bring antidotes just in case he did. In her free time, especially after Sasuke left the village, she spends a lot of time researching. She found out a lot about Orochimaru in this way and about Zetsu during the war.

When given the right circumstances and time, she can also think of plans and steps to deceive others to get what she wants. She tricked Sasori into thinking she was dead so she could land a devastating blow on one of his puppets and she tricked Sai, Kiba, and Lee into fighting each other so she could put them to sleep with a gas bomb and slip away on her own.

Medical prowess: While her main choice is using her medical ninjutsu when treating injuries, Sakura is still able to create antidotes to poison, create poison, and has extensive knowledge of herbs and book knowledge adhering to medicine and health. She was trained by the best medic in the known ninja world so Sakura would know plenty about the human body and how it works and the steps needed/taken to make sure there is no lasting damage, alleviate the pain, and whatever else comes with first aid. It is a medics job to memorize large amounts of information and be able to apply that knowledge onto the field. Although she cannot bring anyone back to life yet

Fighting spirit: This sort of speaks for itself. Sakura is a fighter, not just physically but mentally too. She's not the type to give up in the middle of a fight and she's certainly not one to give up mentally either. She's seen her sorrow and grief of the world but she still plunders on and works to better herself. It's Sakura's ability to overcome fear and keep fighting that gives her the label of a 'fighting spirit'.


Chakra: While a lot of this has been fixed with the appearance of the Yin Seal, Sakura doesn't have nearly as much chakra as Naruto or Sasuke. They are able to use powerful, flashy jutsu and use up large sums of their chakra while Sakura can't. However, because she has such incredible control of that chakra she can fight for as long as they can. The Yin Seal exists to overcome that weakness but since she can't use it normally, she's down to her less than stellar chakra reserves.

When a ninja runs out of chakra, they die.

Emotional: Sometimes being emotional controls her actions. Although everyone she knew had decided that Sasuke had to be stopped by any means necessary, and Sakura went through the motions to make sure she could do this on her own, she still failed to follow through when actually faced with stopping Sasuke because she still cared about him. Sometimes that emotional side of her can lead to horrible decisions and faltering in her steps.

Or also, making crazy and rash decisions. She runs to a four-tailed Naruto who can't tell friend from foe and tries to stop him, only to get attacked in the process.

The trouble with being a Medical Ninja: Medical ninja are responsible for the well-being of their squad. Tsunade made four rules that govern a medical ninja and they are: a medical ninja never stops treating as long as their comrades are alive; a medical ninja should always be the last to die; no medical ninja should never engage the enemy; those rules can only be ignored if a medical ninja has mastered the Yin Seal. Before she acquired said Yin Seal, Sakura took her spot as a medic rather than using her incredible strength offensively. She doesn't usually move into the fray, unless there are no other options or there is another medic willing to pick up the slack. There are more times where she's chosen to be a healer during the war than as an offensive attacker.

Not a Burden: Since Sakura doesn't want to be seen as weak, she wants to deal with her own problems on her own and not bother anybody else. This is especially true when the rookies decide to kill Sasuke because of all the trouble he's causing. She decides she will deal with him on her own because he is her teammate. Neither does she want to get Naruto or Kakashi involved in her plans despite them being a part of the team as well. Sometimes this need to take on her own issues without help makes her choose poorly, as explained in her emotional weakness.

Don't want to be Useless: Sakura has spent the better part of the manga working to make sure she doesn't sit on the sidelines anymore even if that means just being a healer. If there is ever a time where she can't do anything to help someone she cares about, she regresses and feels like she doesn't do enough. This has never been a means for her to give up though, just for her to second-guess how helpful she really is. At these times, she finds something else to believe in. Whether that's Naruto or Sasuke, Tsunade's teachings, or her optimism that everything will be okay in the end.

[Limited Powers]:

Due to a shinobi's ability to walk on water, Sakura will only be able to do this for a short amount of time so she can actually sail. Along with a lot of her abilities (besides medical that will, more or less, remain the same) they will be nerfed accordingly so she can't destroy an entire island if she so chose to with brute strength. Additionally, a smaller amount of chakra in her Yin seal can be accessed rather than the entirety of three years worth. There will minimal summoning ability and if she tries, she will only be able to summon a Katsuyu which is only about the size of a medium sized dog.

[Other Important Facts]:

Not sure if important, but she'll be arriving with her chakra nearly depleted. When chakra reserves reach zero, that means death.
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