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Haruno Sakura ([personal profile] slugly) wrote2030-02-10 09:51 am
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activity check

feb; post | have you seen this idiot?
feb; log | reunion +Naruto +Sasuke
feb: log | host club +Kyouya +Tamaki
feb; log | hug me kill me kiss me [event] +Sasuke +Itachi +Luka
feb; thread | dragons? +Sasuke
feb; thread | dragon! +Hiccup
feb; post | hbd nar +Sasuke
feb; thread | ramen +Naruto
feb; thread | ELLO COMRADE +Hinata
feb; thread | green plague +Scurvy Dog
feb; thread | new people +Hinata
feb; thread | love and courage +Aida Mana
feb; thread | dicks +Isabela

mar; thread | damage control +Naruto +Scurvey +L-Elf
mar; thread | colds +Haruhi
mar; thread | pink hair +Draco
mar; thread | i told you +Scurvey
mar; thread | dragons....... +Hiccup
mar; thread | advice +Luka
mar; log | get healed +Open
mar; post | medic mode
mar; thread | hella jeff +Dave
mar; thread | meep +Meep

apr; thread | gross +Sasuke
apr; log | shard get +Naruto +Sasuke
apr; thread | bdays +Hajime
apr; thread | plants +Aya
apr; thread | subterfuge +Sasuke

may; thread | kiss +Luffy
may; thread | help +Draco
may; thread | baby ninja +Sasuke

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